Welcome to NORA cafe. We are located in New Bodhum.
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A refreshing soft drink made with honey, lemon, and fresh mint.


A revitalizing soft drink made from lime, ginger ale, and fresh mint. 


A fiery blood-orange cocktail made with white rum, white curacao, orange juice, and creme de cassis.


An aromatic chartreuse liquer with a medicinal twist! Made with chartreuse elixir vegetal liqueur, white rum, mint, rosemary, and lime soda.


A fragrant blue lychee cocktail made with white rum, white curacao, lychee juice, and lemon juice.

[ We’re proud to serve this at NORA cafe on Gran Pulse — but you can drink them on Earth at Artnia! ]


Matsuri Event Bulletin:

The final week of August marks the peak of this season’s celestial event over the skies of Gran Pulse! New Bodhum’s clear weather has made for the best vantage point and from the cliffs off the northern shoreline, the area is almost devoid of the festival’s light polution. Two spectacular events will take place over the course of the festival finale! All of this concludes with the second annual New Bodhum Fireworks Festival, a presentation of light and magic visible from the beachfront; said to grant the wishes of all in attendance.
Come and enjoy the music and dance at the matsuri main pavilion, try your might at the karaoke night (more about this mini event soon!), hike to a pristine Pulse peak to view the meteor shower, and join us for fireworks at the week’s end. 

More information can be found here:

- General information about the festival and its history can be found here.

- Have you submitted a wish? More about wishes (ema) and Etro’s Shrine here.

- If wishes were fishes you might have luck at catching one! More about this challenging mini game here!

- A mysterious star falls, did you notice it?

Special locations will be open this week:

- The Matsuri:

An open-air market bustling and crowded with food and fanfare from the rift. Experience a culture unlike any you’ve ever known. The stalls are open every day until midnight. They will be closed on the day of the fireworks. Special items this week include stargazing goodies and festival favorites. 

[located here]

NORA Cafe Stage:

We’re rolling out the stage for another evening of open mic! Do you have a secret talent? Show us your moves, grooves, rhythm and blues at NORA cafe’s Karaoke Night later this week. Watch the show and an extra special menu will be available at the cafe!

[located here]


★ starry sherbert sandwich.

A creamy fruit ice cream sandwiched between two flaky vanilla cookies. It’s the taste of a wish come true!

★ paopu wishes.

Beat the heat with a blended icy drink made from sweet orange juice and paopu star fruit. It’s so cool, it’s sure to grant any wish!

★ starfish kebabs.

Grilled to perfection with a light starry glaze. If wishes were fishes, you’d be swimming with me! 

It’s a hot one! In sunny New Bodhum, the weather is fine!
You’re invited to our first celebration in the sun of Summer~!
We received a shipment of fresh lemons you’ll just pucker for. Each kind of lemonade is made with a different honey the assortment of fabulous apiarists at the Archylte Steppe! Our new lemonade fresh menu can’t be beat— that is unless you’re here to beat the heat!

Sunleth Lemonade.

A classic lemonade, sweetened with the nectar of sunleth waterweeds. The flavor is the ideal match of tangy and sweet. If you’re looking for the perfect lemonade, look no further!

Ochu Flower Lemonade.

A blended lemonade made with a powerful punch of flavor found nowhere else than the ochu flower. At first the flavor is the tartest of all our lemonades but it will leave you sweet for more. 

Phantom Lemonade.

A hard lemonade —not for underage customers. It is a mixture of freshly squeezed lemonade, phantom honey, and a shot of grape liquor. Once you try the mysterious drink, you’ll know the phantom is a fantastic, phantasmagoric lemonade not to miss!


Edenwalker was a super trendy restaurant back on Cocoon but the owners have relocated and remain one of the highest quality meat exporters. Their grilled, shawarma-style-robatayaki-kebab fusion makes them the best anywhere on Pulse! You can bet we’ll be grilling all summer long!


It’s moogle o’clock, it’s time to enjoy moogle bread!

As soon as I heard about Stiltzkin’s Bakery opening, I ordered 2 dozen of everything. Hopefully they will deliver regularly to the cafe. I’ll have to work out a contract with them. In the mean time, please come by the cafe to enjoy some of their sweet treats! Made with moogles in mind!

(Food Allergy Warning: Many of their products contain kuponuts.)

Hey cafe people! Guess what? There’s a 3D environment of the cafe now! How cool is that? Take a look here. 

[I expect you to use this to the fullest! * V *]

There is a tradition for the Final Fantasy series where all the team members get together on the night the game is completed, and watch as a selected member plays from the last dungeon, on to the last boss, and through to the ending. Everyone with beer in hand, of course. Once the ending credits roll, the sounds of cans being opened is joined by thunderous applause.

In that emotion-filled moment, you think, “Wow, we’ve been through some crazy times, but somehow we made it through again.” That thought gives you the confidence to face the next project, and transforms those you argued with into comrades-in-arms. That moment is priceless.

-- Nobuo Uematsu (via finalfantasythings)

 The Febru-any Sundae — Made especially for those of you still celebrating Moogletine’s.
There’s a coupon in your mailboxes for a free sweet treat! Keep an eye out for them and come in today to get your very own!